CMHA Vernon Staff List

Leadership Team

Julia Payson

Executive Director

Nicole Zelez

Director of Strategic Operations

Ruby Nahal

Manager of Human Resources

Emily Hollenbach

Director of Crisis Intervention & Prevention

Margaret Clark

Manager of Restorative Justice

Carly Skanes

Youth Integrated Services Manager

Richard Rolke

Manager of Fund Development & Communications

Ellen Meyer

Manager of Housing

Jessica Both

Manager of Crisis Intervention and Prevention


  • Finance Assistant/Reception, Janine Fisher
  • Administrative Assistant/Reception, Glen Suderman
  • Donor & Administrative Assistant, Logan Rankeillor
  • Accounts Payables, Georgia Montgomery
  • Accounts Receivable, Viki Hemmaway
  • Human Resources & Payroll Administrator, Emily Cathcart

Programs & Services

  • Intake Coordinator, Zoe Mattinson
  • Wellness Education Coordinator, Dani Hamilton
  • Recreation Coordinator, Hannah Rail
  • Food Services Coordinator, Jennifer Phillips
  • Family Support Coordinator, Jenn Millan
  • Peer Engagement Coordinator, Heather Kwantes
  • Work BC Case Manager, Salvador Martinez
  • Work BC Case Manager, Tagg Kopp
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor, Marie Gibbs
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Luco Joannon 
  • Links to Employment – Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor, Kea Fox
  • The Georgette Shop Coordinator, Art Harrigan
  • The Georgette Shop Coordinator, Zane Klym
  •  Manager of Restorative Justice, Margaret Clark

Crisis Intervention and Prevention

  • Director of Crisis Intervention & Prevention, Emily Hollenbach
  • Manager of Crisis Intervention & Prevention, Jessica Both
  • Team Lead of Crisis Intervention & Prevention, Mark Fossen
  • Team Lead of Crisis Intervention & Prevention, Emma Nesbitt
  • Independent Rights Advisor, Rhea Evans
  • Crisis Line Supervisor, Sara Oliver
  • Crisis Line Supervisor, Sara Gouthro
  • Crisis Line Quality Assurance Coordinator, Hina Dilawar
  • Crisis Line Quality Assurance Coordinator, Maddie Frame
  • Crisis Line Program Coordinator, Kayli Breitkreutz
  • Crisis Intervention & Prevention Program Assistant, Sara Oliver
  • Care to Speak Coordinator, Tyler Thomas
  • Care to Speak Quality Assurance,  Robyn McCallum
  • Care to Speak Promotion and Recruitment, Kelsey Tkachuk


  • Manager of Housing, Ellen Meyer
  • (Interim) Manager of Housing, Wade Weston
  • (Interim) Assistant Manager of Housing, Jared Caldwell 
  • Housing Maintenance Coordinator, Kevin Metz
  • Building Maintenance, Andrew Goodine
  • Rent Bank Coordinator, Samantha Smith

Bounce Back Regional Program

  • Manager of Bounce Back Regional Program, Emily Hollenbach 
  • Regional Coach Team Lead, Amanda Carnovale
  • National Coach, Jessica Cavero
  • National Coach, Sherida Crane
  • Regional Coach, Deb Delves-Vonau
  • Regional Coach, Tina Mairs
  • Regional Coach, Courtenay Stapley
  • Regional Coach, Nicoline Dodwell
  • Administrative Assistant, Michele McMullen

Residential Services

  • Residential Facility Manager, Nicole Zelez
  • 24th Avenue Residential Facility is a 13 bed licensed adult psychiatric residential facility managed by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA); Vernon and District Branch, under contract with Interior Health (IH).
  • Aberdeen House is a 14 bed licensed adult psychiatric residential facility managed by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA); Vernon and District Branch, under contract with Interior Health (IH).  Seven of the beds are designated Tertiary Specialized Residential.

Youth Services 

  • Youth Peer Support Coordinator – Tracy Hall
  • Youth Mental health Clinician – Kimberly Embleton
  • Youth Education & Program Coordinator – Gurleen Jassi
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