Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Vernon and District Branch is proud to offer expanded supports during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis with generous funding announced today from the Province of B.C.

Virtual peer support and phone-based BounceBack coaching are two of the programs that have received additional funding support in our communities.

“We are so appreciative to have additional resources and funding for these programs as we are navigating our way through this crisis,” said Julia Payson, Executive Director at CMHA Vernon. “CMHAs across BC have seen a strong increase in demand for mental health support over the past month, and it is a relief to have this support from the province to strengthen our response.”

The new provincial funding will enable CMHA Vernon and branches across the province to provide more phone-based and online supports, with evidence-based, compassionate and respectful services and programs. Funding will support the expansion of these services with more staff, and online platforms.

In addition to phone-based programs like BounceBack and the Crisis Line, CMHA Vernon has been offering many of its in-person programs online for the past several weeks, including workplace education, youth programs and suicide grief support sessions. “It has gone remarkably well especially considering how quickly we had to make the changes to ensure there were no gaps in service,” said Payson.

“We are here for our everyone in our community,” said Payson. “For those of us who work on our mental health every day, for those who have lost our normal coping strategies, and for those of us who have never before faced the wide-spread mental health challenges that are emerging at this time.”

CMHA believes that everyone has the right to their best possible mental health. These proven supports will make a difference to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and lighten the long-term mental health legacy of this crisis.

“It is normal to feel afraid and uncertain during these times. If you need help, it is OK to reach out. That is why we are here,” said Payson.

Please read more to learn about changes and expanded services at our COVID-19 page:

Read the news release (PDF) from the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions

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