Employment Services

CMHA is a partner of WorkBC to deliver one-to-one employment services.  Visit WorkBC Vernon for more information.


In partnership with Work BC Centre Vernon, CMHA supports and delivers Work BC One-to-One employment services to people with mental health concerns. These services include Case Management, Customized employment, Job Search services, Employability workshops, skills training, Job start supports and more. If you or someone you know, is living with mental health issues and is looking for employment, reach out to us for one-to-one support today! The dedicated Case Manager and Customized Employment Advisor can help you look for work, prepare for interviews, start a new job and keep long-term employment.

Work BC Case Manager: Salvador Martinez, 250-540-9677

Work BC Case Manager: Tag Kopp, 250-540-1418

For more information on WorkBC Employment Services and how to access support, please visit: www.workbccentre-vernon.ca

Unit 301 – 3402 27 Ave. Vernon, BC. V1T 1S1.

Links to Employment Program

Links to Employment helps job seekers with persistent and multiple barriers reach their goals of obtaining meaningful training, volunteer work, and/or employment. Employment can be central to recovery and growth as work is a structured, purposeful activity that can enhance self-esteem and a sense of well-being within society. Employment and education are also vital to fostering connection, wellness, and resilience for members of a diverse community.

Launched in 2020, the program is a partnership between the Canadian Mental Health Association and the University of BC.

Full details about the Links to Employment program can be found on the CMHA BC website. Click here to access. 


Program staff:

A Vocational Counsellor provides participants with personalized, evidence-based employment support to help participants obtain meaningful work and establish strong and focused connections with employers.  The program provides individualized support in areas such as job searching, job readiness and skill-building, using the process to build confidence, learn employment skills and develop resilience.


Vernon team: Hannah-Marie Gibbs


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 250-542-3114


Links to Employment Referral Form

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