Nutrition Program

Our CHMA kitchen has long been a community hub for those living with mental illness, providing not just nutrition and meals but meaningful social connection with opportunities to learn life skills and take part in meal preparation. It is truly the heart of CMHA programming, bringing our people together for healthy food and social interaction. You cannot walk into the kitchen without being greeted with hellos and smiles!

Nutrition Program

The program supports healthy living and ongoing recovery for people living with a mental illness by providing affordable balanced, nutritious meals, as well as take out / freezer meals. CMHA Vernon provides healthy, affordable food options as well as nutritional education and resources to those in our community facing challenges with their mental health. The CMHA Kitchen Program provides a warm, safe, community-centred space to socialise. The program helps to alleviate the financial strain on families.

Recent research indicates that poor nutrition has a negative impact on mental health, causing concern for those with mental illness to successfully manage their mental health when facing barriers to healthy food options and education.

As nutrition is a key determinant of health, there is a strong link between nutrition and mental health. Our nutrition program supports both healthy eating and living by providing an average of 800 nutritious meals served per month, take out options for individuals who may otherwise not prepare a meal for themselves at home, an education component based on the connection between food and mood, skill based training in food preparation and serving with proper food safe practices as well as an opportunity to engage in healthy social interactions with other peers in our community kitchen setting.

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