Peer Support Services

Our Peer Support service provides the opportunity for anyone – individual, family member, or professional – to speak with someone with lived experiences of mental health or substance use concerns. By engaging with our Peer Supporters, you can make a connection with someone with lived experience, increase your sense of engagement and belonging, and move through your recovery journey to develop skills and build resiliency.

Trans Peer Support

Trans Peer Support is a peer led community based social support service run by peers with lived experience. We offer a safe space that provides an opportunity to engage in knowledge exchange, resource sharing, social connection, mentorship and personal growth.

Our volunteers and those we support represent trans, gender diverse, Two-Spirit adults as well as families from the trans community.

Meet on a 1:1 basis by phone or virtually with a trained volunteer.

Benefits of the Trans Peer Support Program

  • Validates experiences
  • Reduces isolation
  • Provides opportunities to give and receive support
  • Fosters connections and a social support network
  • Confidential support

How to Access Trans Peer Support

If you are interested in the Trans Peer Support Program, please fill out the information below, and someone will contact you shortly.

For further information or questions, please contact:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Serenity Leboe at 250-542-3114 ext: 245

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Click here to learn more about this volunteer opportunity and other opportunities.

Trans Peer Support Application Form

Peer Support Services

The Peer Support Program is a peer-led, community-based social support service.  Trained volunteers offer emotional and practical support and connection between people who share common experiences.  Peer support provides various free and confidential services, including support and education, one-on-one social activity, hospital visitation, advocacy, and leadership training.

Our volunteers uniquely understand lived experience with a mental health diagnosis or concern. They are trained to offer support, friendship, hope and understanding to their peers in the mental health community.  Through interaction with their peers, they seek to foster:

  • empowerment through meaningful volunteer opportunities
  • awareness of resources in the community
  • independence by emphasizing recovery and by being positive role models
  • social connections to others and the community

Peer Volunteers with the Hospital Program visit the VJH Mental Health Ward to provide hope, encouragement and information about the services the Peer Support Program provides.  Volunteers can help to address concerns people with a mental illness might have through their knowledge of the rights of people who are hospitalized, the Mental Health Act, and issues affecting the day-to-day living of people coping with a mental illness.

Contact Peer Support Program

Phone: (250) 542-3114 ext. 299
E-mail:  [email protected]

Care to Speak

Care to Speak offers individuals in the Healthcare and Social Services sectors a safe space to talk. You will be connected with a trained peer supporter who has worked in front-line healthcare or the social services sector – someone who understands your challenges and stresses.  

Support is available through online chat, text message, and telephone to help you through any tough times you might be experiencing. You will reach out to volunteers with experience in healthcare or the social services field who are trained to provide virtual support and refer you to additional resources if needed.  

The Care to Speak program is here to help through the tough times. Our volunteers understand the pressures of the job and have experienced similar struggles. Sometimes, talking about certain things with coworkers, family members, or friends is difficult, but Care to Speak is a safe space to share your feelings. All our support is confidential and delivered without judgment.  

We are not designed to be in stress mode all the time. When our stress-response system gets overworked, we are at increased risk of experiencing physical and mental health problems. These are unprecedented times. Know that you are not alone and that help is available. 

Your mental health is a priority if you work in healthcare or social services. Call, text, or chat online to get the support you deserve.  

Call or Text: 1-866-802-7337 (PEER) 
Chat online at 
Available Monday-Friday, 9 am – 9 pm PST  

For more information or to connect with a peer supporter, click here  

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Click here to learn more about this volunteer opportunity and other opportunities.

Good Morning Program

The Good Morning Program is a free telephone service for seniors living alone or feeling isolated. Phone calls are made Monday-Friday, including holidays, by trained volunteers. Participants can be referred by care providers, family, and friends, or self-referrals can be made.  

Each call is non-intrusive and non-judgmental and provides social interaction. We listen, provide support and offer referrals when needed.

The program is free of charge and available to people living in Vernon and surrounding areas.

If you or someone you know might benefit from this service, please call our program office at 250.542.3114 for more information.  To get started, please complete our program referral form. The link is above the title Good Moring Program on this page.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Click here to learn more about this volunteer opportunity and other opportunities.

Program Staff

Serenity Leboe – Good Morning, Program Coordinator

[email protected]


Good Morning Program Referral Form

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