Are you grieving a loss due to suicide? Losing a loved one to suicide can be one of the most traumatic and painful experiences of our lives.

After a traumatic event, it’s normal to have a range of experiences, from feelings of anger, depression and loneliness, to physical symptoms like headaches or an upset stomach. When we lose someone to suicide, grief can be even more complicated and intense. While everybody reacts uniquely, we all need to know that there is help and we are not alone. After losing someone, everyone needs to be treated with compassion and have their experiences respected.

The group provides an opportunity to discuss and share feelings and experiences related to the loss of a loved one, including the impact of guilt, anger and regret, coping as a family, building a support network, honouring the memory of a loved one, and coping with birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Suicide grief support group is facilitated by CMHA staff and volunteers who have received specialized training in suicide grief support.


If you are interested in joining our next Suicide Grief Support Group, please get in touch with us by email at [email protected] or via the registration form below.


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